Terms and Conditions

Airplane Availability - ImagineAir bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis. Passengers are encouraged to schedule important flights as far ahead of time as possible to minimize the risk that all airplanes are already booked.

Baggage and Weight Limitations - Customers are provided a weight limitation on their confirmation that gives the combined total weight of passengers and baggage that may be brought on board. Baggage must be properly packed and secured, and may not exceed 100 lbs, even if the weight limitation stated on a confirmation allows for more baggage, unless specifically authorized by ImagineAir Operations. ImagineAir will not be held responsible for items damaged during flight or during turbulent conditions. Passengers retain responsibility for properly packing fragile items to protect them from the potential rigors of flight. Liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage is limited to $500 per passenger. ImagineAir assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or delayed delivery of baggage that was not acceptable for transport. ImagineAir is not liable for minor damage such as scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, cuts, and dirt resulting from normal wear and tear.

Passenger Tardiness - Passengers are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled departure time to ensure an on-time departure. Passengers arriving after their scheduled departure time are not guaranteed flight availability, and are subject to a waiting fee of $40 for every 15 minutes after their departure time. If ImagineAir is not able to accommodate a late passenger, the flight will be treated as a passenger no-show, and is subject to such terms and conditions. If ImagineAir is able to accommodate a late passenger, and the request for that passenger was made at least 2 hours in advance of the original departure time, then the departure time may be rescheduled without wait fee charges from the original departure time.

Passenger No-Show or Cancellation within 3 hours - Passengers that do not show up for their reserved flight, or customers that cancel the flight with less than 3 hours notice, will be charged the amount of their flight in full.

Flight Cancellations made by customers - Flights may be canceled up to 5PM (local departure time zone) of the day prior to the flight. All cancellations made before 5PM the previous day are charged a $175 cancellation fee per scheduled leg. Cancellation fees prior to 5pm may be waived for aircraft owners leasing their aircraft to ImagineAir.

A flight that is canceled after 5PM (local time, departure time zone) of the day prior to the flight will be subject to a cancellation fee of $600 per segment, and $175 for aircraft owners. Any cancellations made within 3 hours of departure is considered a no-show.

Flight Changes made by customers - There is no guarantee that requested flight changes are available. Any flight change request made by customer that is approved by ImagineAir is subject to a $175 change fee. This includes changes in departure time, departure airport, or destination airport. Change fees may be waived for aircraft owners.

Flights Delayed over 1 hour or Cancelled Flights - ImagineAir is committed to passenger safety and will not operate flights in hazardous weather conditions. In the event of any delay greater than 1 hour or cancellation initiated by ImagineAir, passengers will have the following options: 1) No charge for that canceled or delayed flight, or 2) credit a new/existing account within ImagineAir, good for future flights for 1 year. Last Updated on Feb,3 2015

Flights Delayed over 1 hour or Cancelled Flights - ImagineAir is committed to passenger safety and will not operate flights in hazardous weather conditions. In the event of any delay greater than 1 hour or cancellation initiated by ImagineAir, passengers will have the following options: 1) No charge for that canceled or delayed flight, or 2) credit a new/existing account within ImagineAir, good for future flights for 1 year.

Refunds - Refunds that are credited to an ImagineAir account expire after 1 year from the time of the credit. In the case of a flight purchased from an existing ImagineAir credit (FlightCard or otherwise), the refund expires 1 year from the original expiration date.

Passenger Conduct - Per 14 CFR, interfering with crew members and their duties is strictly prohibited. Likewise, all instructions given by crew to passengers during the flight must be adhered to. Passengers may not consume alcoholic beverages unless they are served by ImagineAir. Passengers who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be flown and will be treated as no-shows. For the safety of each flight, ImagineAir reserves the right to search passengers and their belongings for prohibited or dangerous items.

Smoking - Smoking is prohibited on all ImagineAir flights and in the vicinity of ImagineAir aircraft.

Prohibited Items - Any material classified as HAZMAT or DANGEROUS GOODS falls under the regulatory guidance of 14 and 49 CFR and cannot be carried by ImagineAir either as baggage or on your person. A violation can result in 5 years imprisonment and penalties of $250,000 or more. Hazardous materials include but are not limited to explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Carriage of weapons is also prohibited unless specific authorization and approval has been given by ImagineAir.

Alcoholic Beverages - No person may consume alcoholic beverages on board ImagineAir aircraft that have not been served by ImagineAir. Additionally, open containers containing alcoholic beverages may not be transported by any passenger. Unopened containers in their original retail packaging containing alcoholic beverages may be transported if they do not contain more than 24% alcohol by volume. Quantities containing 70% alcohol or less by volume may only be transported in unopened retail packaging when their quantity does not exceed 5 liters (1.3 gallons).

Overweight and Disabled Passengers - ImagineAir is required by Federal Aviation Regulations to determine the weight of passengers and their baggage. Providing this information to ImagineAir before each flight will greatly assist in expediting pre-flight planning and help ensure an on-time departure. In limited cases, passengers who are disabled or overweight may not be able to fly onboard ImagineAir due to safety and/or regulatory constraints. Other cases may require a disabled passenger to be accompanied by an able bodied person capable of providing assistance in flight and during an emergency. Generally, passengers must be able to climb aboard the aircraft, be able to fasten their seatbelts, and be able to follow crewmembers instructions during flight. Passengers concerned about whether they will be able to meet the requirements are encouraged to consult with ImagineAir prior to booking a flight. In many cases special arrangements can be made beforehand to ensure the flight is conducted safely and within regulations. ImagineAir is not liable for any injuries or bodily harm for individuals unable to perform the functions described in this paragraph, including but not limited to boarding and de-boarding the aircraft.

Live Animals - Small pets (less than 35 pounds) may fly on ImagineAir accompanied by a passenger under certain conditions. ImagineAir must be notified of a customer’s intention to bring a pet at the time of booking. The pet must be kept in a suitable kennel and be able to remain there for the duration of the flight. The animal must be harmless, odorless, and otherwise inoffensive and non-intrusive to the aircraft and its occupants. Passengers assume full responsibility for the animal at all times, and ImagineAir will not be held liable in case of impaired health or death during flight. In limited cases where the animal cannot meet the specified guidelines special arrangements can be made (such as in the case of service animals).

Refusal to Transport - ImagineAir reserves the right to refuse transport to any individual or group for any reason relating to safety, regulatory compliance, or operational rules and procedures as defined in the company’s Operations Manual. This includes the right to remove passengers from aircraft and terminate flights that are in progress.

Carriage of Minors - Infants 14 days of age or younger will not be transported unless an attending physician approves such infant for air travel in writing. Children under two years of age may be held or be seated in an approved child restraint system bearing the label. THIS RESTRAINT IS CERTIFIED FOR USE IN MOTOR VEHICLES AND AIRCRAFT. Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult, or young adult at least 12 years of age. Any unaccompanied child under the age of 12 requires written contact information (name, address, and phone number) of the party that will be meeting the child at the destination airport, along with the signature of the parent or legal guardian. We assume no responsibilities for unaccompanied children beyond those applicable to adult passengers.

Identification - All passengers that have reached their 18th birthday are required to carry government issued photo identification. Passengers under the age of 18 must either carry government issued photo-identification or be accompanied to the departure airport with parent or guardian with a valid government issued photo ID that can verify the identity of that passenger under 18 years of age.

FlightCard Accounts - FlightCard accounts expire exactly one year from the date of purchase. FlightCards are not transferable without the Express written consent of ImagineAir and flights that are booked and paid for using a FlightCard account must be initiated by the individual or corporation named on the account. Refunds due to passengers paying via FlightCard will have their accounts credited with an amount equal to the refund due.

Incidental Charges - Customers are responsible for any interior aircraft damage or clean-up required as result of action by any passenger, and consent to such payment using their form of payment(s) used to reserve the flight.

ImagineAir Pilots - Customers or their passengers may not hire any pilot that has conducted any of their flights until at least 12 calendar months after their last date of employment with ImagineAir without the written consent of ImagineAir. Any customer that hires an ImagineAir pilot, whether on a contract or employment basis, prior to the aforementioned 12 month period shall be subject to a $50,000 penalty due immediately to Imagine Air Jet Services, LLC.

Other Operators - Flight confirmations are considered flight requests until the flight is assigned to a particular aircraft and pilot. Except for same-day requests, this usually occurs the day prior to your flight. ImagineAir, at its discretion, may attempt to contract a flight to another operator to fulfill a flight request for a particular segment or series of flights. Customer shall not be subject to extra cost without their consent. In the case of contracted services, the customer shall hold harmless and shall indemnify ImagineAir against any and all losses.

For flights conducted by ImagineAir, aircraft and pilot are subject to change without notice.

If ImagineAir is unable to accommodate your flight due to capacity constraints or any other occurrence preventing us from operating your flight, we will attempt to locate a qualified Part 135 operator to conduct your flight. In this case, ImagineAir will work on your behalf to locate another operator. If this is the case, ImagineAir will provide the name and air carrier certificate number of that operator. That carrier has legal operational control over those flights that it conducts. The customer is not obligated to accept the new carrier per DOT regulations, and will be provided with 24 hr notice to cancel your flight request, penalty-free.

ImagineAir does not purchase and resell flights on behalf of any operator.

Right to Change Terms and Conditions - ImagineAir reserves the right to changes its terms and conditions without notice.

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